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    And so it begins… and if only because words should move you. There isn’t a real reason for doing this other than to get my thoughts out there. It may be parts of my life, observations through the course of the day or deep meaningful philosophy… well, meaningful to me at least for now. I won’t be using real names, to protect the identities of those closest to me, just as a superhero would, or even real places sometimes… I may use initials but they aren’t the intials of real people so it’s not a code to crack. Also I really want to highlight the work of others I see that inspires me… So look out for links etc. I’d love comments; otherwise it’s just a bit too cathartic for my purposes! Find me, share with others and let’s see how we get on…


The Earth surely must be shattering. My ears strain to hear whispers – they are whispering my name. My eyes hurt from not being able to sleep… Or when I do the REM tires them as they witness a slideshow of unspeakable horrors. What horrors? My dreams are tortured in front of my hope who … Continue reading


She’s never going to be only yours. It’s never going to be the life you wanted. It’s never going to give you the peace and happiness you want. Your life is a lie. Your future with her is the promise of a lie. Your words to yourself are a lie. You wish you would die. … Continue reading


I write sometimes about being in a boat on a lake. I’m seldom alone as I don’t trust myself alone. You see I can’t swim. I would probably drown. And yet now I feel like I am on that boat alone and people are shaking the boat. Shaking my confidence. Shaking my thoughts about what … Continue reading

Everything changes

The pressure is immense I can’t lie. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. A future I never thought I’d have but a strange halfway house. A glimpse of happiness but a constant reminder of the things I’ll never know. To want children. To have them. To have the perfect response when my … Continue reading


Somewhere in the midst of walking this path a flash of anger led me to ditch the mask, now when I return I can’t find the stash, my mask, wrapped in fragments of courage that had shattered like glass and I’d ask myself if I could find a mirror, if my past, present or future … Continue reading

Lost Manuscripts: Water Part 3 main body excerpt

This isn’t about blood, water is the taste of love, no matter how hard you try you can’t explain what it tastes of, she gives a shoulder shrug, she says these are all theories in my mind there’ll all made up, only applying to myself no one else, I tell her these are the layers … Continue reading


One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel

Lost Manuscripts : Water Part 3 opening paragraph

I knew as soon as he walked in I wasnt looking at Eran, it was Kane, a subtle yet blatant change, let’s be honest does anything ever remain the same?

Twenty sixth April

For some reason I want the best in everything. I think I’m good enough to achieve the best. I therefore work really hard but still I don’t achieve the best. But because I work really hard I and know I won’t get the best I reward myself by having fun. My vices. But then I … Continue reading

Fifth May 2013

People escape from your life as leaves fall from trees; caught by gravity taking them to a different place. Even if you were to press these leaves to pages and inscribe in ink your fondest memories; the ink fades. After everything, memories are all you really have. And you become stronger for it. You are … Continue reading


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